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    Примеры использования
    Rock Wool Blanket Applied for Pipe Insulation
    With the development of heating equipment, the insulation material market become larger and larger. Because the main structure of heating equipment is pipe insulation, which need abundant of insulation materials, especially rock wool blanket and other insulation refractory materials.
    Application of Ceramic Fiber Module in Construction
    Ceramic fiber module is a refractory lining product to simplify and speed up the kiln construction, improve the integrity of the lining. The product has white color and structured size, can be directly fixed in the industrial furnace shell steel anchor nails.It has good fire insulation effect,improve the integrity of the furnace fire insulation, and promote the progress of the furnace masonry technology. The classification temperature is 1050-1400 ℃.
    Application of Rock Wool in Incinerator Insulation Project
    Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co., Ltd carried out further research and supervision on the usage of rock wool and glass wool in Guangda Waste Incinerator Insulation Project
    Application of Ceramic Fiber Blanket in Railway Station
    Ceramic fiber blanket is worthy of promoting in the building material field of heat thermal insulation and noise reduction
    construction of rock wool
    In the construction of power plants, the external wall insulation materials and boilers, tank insulation are selected rosewool rock wool board as insulation ma...
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